St. Louis Architectural Sheet Metal Contractors (SMCI)
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HVAC Founder Larry

Our initial HVAC team leaders are all still on-board today as we continue to grow, progress, and celebrate over 38 years of success. Our organization chart details the foundation for our success - many of our team leaders are part of our family.

We are committed to a top level staff that shares in our vision to maintain and develop our family business as a legacy which will continue into future generations.

Our Executive Team

Kimberly Brown   Kimberly Brown
Vice President
Safety Administrator
  Amy Choate   Amy Choate
Director of Office Systems and Design
Accounts Payable Supervisor
Lawrence P. Krodinger, Jr.   Lawrence P. Krodinger, Jr.
Director of Estimating
  Michael L. Krampf, Sr.   Michael L. Krampf, Sr.
Director of Technical and Control System Design
Commercial Estimating
Neal Krodinger   Neal Krodinger
Director of Operations
  Mike Hickson   Mike Hickson
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