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Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Remove allergy and asthma causing particles while saving money!

Indoor air quality purification

Why is Purifan the Best in Air Purifier Design?
You can turn your existing ceiling fan into the best air purifier with Purifan, filtering 2,200 cubic feet of air per minute or all of the air in an average room every 90 seconds, requiring only 60 watts of energy or a 1/2 amp load.

The Purifan still moves air like a traditional ceiling fan, saving you money on your heat / cool costs with filtration to 0.3 microns, effective removing allergy and asthma-causing particles. The activated carbon filtration captures volatile gasses and odors and the optional smoke filter contains an extra filter layer of potassium permanganate and alumina to help reduce odors.

Most existing ceiling fans can easily be converted into a Purifan air purifier, just by removing the paddle blades, installing the mounting brackets to the fan motor, and installing the Purifan to the brackets. It takes most homeowners about 45 minutes to install their Purifan on an existing fan.

Purifan Indoor air quality purification

Benefits of Purifans:

  • No unhealthy Ozone or Ions added to your room air
  • Silent Operation (The Purifan is so quiet, you'll forget it is even on!)
  • The Purifan is out of the way, on the ceiling, doesn't take up valuable floor space.
  • Filter changes once a year in most homes.
  • Made in the USA
Bar air filter

Great Locations for Filtering Air

  • Your Home - It's where you or your loved ones spend time indoors!
  • Restaurants - Garments and air flow create a perfect reason to filter air
  • Office Spaces - Many individuals working together can easily spread particles
  • Day Cares and Schools - Sensitive infants and younger children can breathe more easily!

To order your Purifan or for Purifan filter replacements, call (636) 337-2150!

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