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Geothermal Solutions – Heat Pumps and Geothermal Rebates in Missouri

We offer outsanding geothermal & heat pump solutions in St. Louis

Geothermal heating solutions utilize heat energy from underground as well as surface energy sources (such as solar energy) to effectively “exchange” energy between indoor and outdoor environments.

Heat Pumps

One of the most common examples of geothermal heating by St. Louis geothermal contractors, SMCI, is the heat pump. By reversing the process in which an air conditioner cools air and “exchanges” air, heat pumps can effectively draw heat from outdoor energy into indoor environments. Even at temperatures below freezing, heat pumps can provide heat in far more cost effective manner than traditional gas furnaces. As your first choice of heat pump contractors, SMCI HVAC is uniquely qualified with its experience, range of services and green approach for every energy saving project.

Geothermal Rebates

Customers from all around St. Louis, MO and Jefferson County can get great heating and geothermal deals thanks to geothermal rebates which can be applied to projects in the region including Festus HVAC and Desoto HVAC projects

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